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Gold foil boxes can be your partner if you desire a long-lasting impact. It is the most stylish box style in the pattern nowadays. Their chic appearance supports the mindset since it is an indication of celebration. Hence, people like their golden color due to its appealing nature. Also, they are accessible in eco-friendly material, so they are tough and safe for all clients. With the various design options, you can draw in additional purchasers by making them exceptional. Custom Boxes USA creates them in a unique style. Their glamorous look creates your product’s demand. They are lightweight, so they are easy to carry and transport. These are customizable so that you can make them your way.



Silver foil boxes make your product look unique and superior to other available brands. They add value to your product and make them look attractive in the eyes of the customers. These are just like other cardboard boxes but with a thin coat of silver metal. This layer gives them a refined look and aesthetics. Thus, you can have them for jewelry or gift purposes. Not just the look, they are great in protecting the inside goods. So, you can use them in case of expensive or delicate things. Custom Boxes USA offers you the best quality silver foil containers at reasonable prices.



Textured boxes are usually made from Kraft and cardboard, the most flexible materials for texturing. They have a nice, textured look on their own and give a pleasant feeling while touching. These boxes do not require high printing as the texture is enough to make them look unique. However, you can modify these boxes to fit the product they hold perfectly. Moreover, you can have them in any shape and size according to the individual requirement of your product. Custom Boxes USA utilizes high-end printing and finishing technique to give the textured surface a more eye-catching look.