If you are in the pharmaceutical business, then you know the importance of blister cards. They are necessary to keep drugs in their right conditions. So, all pharmaceutical brands make them in different designs and styles. These cards come in various styles, such as fold-over cards, front card combinations, and back cards. You will find them manageable and very easy to handle in the boxes. Their presence makes the packaging more valuable. Custom Boxes USA can be the best option to make your cards uniquely. We design them in various sizes and styles, increasing your products’ beauty.

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    Blister Cards – Boost Your Brand Image with Eco-Friendly Material

    You can be part of the campaign through which you can reduce packaging waste and carbon footprints. Moreover, the use of sustainable materials is trending in the USA. The green blister cards are necessary for your drug packaging. You can be a vital part of making eco-friendly cards for your items. It is a rising pattern since people must dispose of plastic waste and its harms. This is an ideal opportunity to practice environmental safety with your green materials.

    Most likely, regular material accompanies a few advantages since the blister card box lessens carbon impressions on the earth. This is the best thing that assists you with satisfying industry guidelines. You will work on your brand image, and people will change to your items because they will become safe for use. 

    Make Your Custom Blister Cards Safer With Finishing

    This is the time to add allure and protection to your custom blister cards. You can combine coatings and some chic finishing options. For example, the Spot UV varnish or coating is sued to choose a specific area of a printed card. It is for drawing, highlighting the spot of the design. This coating gives visual stimulus in different textures on a single printed surface. Moreover, the gloss cards contain shine and offer a lustrous impression to the image on the business cards. It is designed to attract the audience with its shiny impression.

    You can use matte finish cards. These are non-glossy and smooth cards. For looking more stylish and impressive, these are wonderful. With the aqueous layer, it looks very stylish and attractive. It delivers a soft impression with a dull finish. Furthermore, silk blister cards are alluring because they offer a smooth touch. These laminated silk cards are gorgeous for offering a smooth and soft feel. It is tear and water-resistant blister card packaging. It is not a coating but a matt finish.

    Personalize your Packaging as you Desire

    Which material is suitable for blister cards wholesale? How is the design good for the business campaign? What should be the font size? There are several questions in the mind when we go to design them. There is a wide variety of customization options available in the market. The choice of designs shows the worth of the company. A well-designed card is very important to grab the customers’ attention in the market.

    Foil stamping is the special method through which stylish designs come from foil. With the help of a custom die, a design stamp comes on the cardstock. Please do not ignore the logo for the blister card printing because it is an important feature. It should be on your card. So, this feature makes your marketing campaign successful at a wide level. An embossed logo creates a 3D effect, a tool that gives you recognition in the market. It is a cost-saving strategy that increases the prestige of the business.

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    There are several things to consider before selecting the design of the blister cards. Always focus on the style and quality of the cards. The choice of colors is vital because colors have their language to express the image of the company. Reliable blister card manufacturers always focus on the best quality. 

    Custom Boxes USA is the name of excellence, and we always make innovative packaging for our clients. You can access us for unique boxes’ best designs and creative support. Our team always creates the boxes as per the nature of the product. We understand the modern trends of the recent world, so we always use marketing tricks to make you identifiable in the industry. The information we print on the boxes can make you popular and different from your rivals. 


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