Want An Easy Fix For Your Custom Hair Extension Boxes? Read This!

Author Name: Peter Steiner
Publish Date: 2024-01-22

Custom Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale

Hair extensions play a crucial role in the fashion industry. There are various brands that are working day and night to come up with unique ideas to customize custom hair extension boxes. You can also do this if you are running a brand like that. We will guide you with the amazing ideas which you can follow to have outstanding hair wig boxes to elevate your sales chart. As rapidly the industries are growing every brand out there wants some kind of interesting packaging to showcase their hair wigs.

1.  Focus on Custom Hair Extension Boxes Printing Graphical Artwork

The first quick fix is the graphical artwork. If you want to grab the maximum attention of the onlookers towards your brand then go for adding some attractive artwork on the boxes. Let’s have a quick look at how you can design one of the best packagings.

First of all, choose the cardstock material or any other according to your choice. Then select the shape and style of the box.

You can choose the shape and dimensions according to the size of the wigs. For instance, you can select the triangular tuck-end box style to encase your wigs within the box. Further, to embellish the box more go for add the windowpane within the box so, the onlookers can easily see the color shade of the hair wigs. Moreover, merging the graphical artwork with the typographical information is discussed below:

2.  Add the Text

Every successful brand is focusing on the outer look of the boxes because the trend of enhancing the outer packaging is high and getting more higher day by day. So, are you wondering how to create the difference? You can create a difference through the power of words. It is the textual words that can entirely change the fate of your brand.

According to a study it was revealed that the majority of people love to buy those boxes which carry enough relevant information written on the custom hair extension box. So, you can also add interesting information all over the box to create a difference. However, you can add various aspects to the boxes. Look below:

A. Information about the product

It is always necessary that you add all the information related to the product. Your product sales will touch the heights of the industry if you will add all the relevant information. For instance, for your wigs add the material information on whether you are offering human hair or synthetic hair wig. Just simply list this information on the custom hair extension packaging. You can choose the typeface in large font so, that people can take the advantage of it by reading the name quickly.

B. Story of your Brand

Do tell the customers the entire story of your brand. You can express the story with the help of illustrations or you can do adding some kind of booklet within the hair extension box packaging. It is the story of your brand which will make your boxes look unique and outstanding.

C. Usage of the Product

To specify the usage of the product in some interesting way. You can take help from good packaging firms as the experts present in these firms have enough experience to tell you how to express your thoughts with the help of graphical artwork. You can do this by adding some great illustrations on the box for conveying to the users how to use the product.

For the wigs, you can create some nice illustrations expressing to the customers the usage of the product in the hair with the help of the clip, etc.

D. Green Packaging

The trend of eco boxes is getting higher day by day. People love to buy those boxes which are environmentally friendly and don’t harm the environment in any way. So, green packaging is responsible for this purpose. Therefore, you can add the green packaging name and the stamp on the boxes so, people can know that you are offering biotic-friendly boxes which are recyclable. Packaging which is on any cause gets to sell more as compared to packaging which is without any social cause. So, consider the social cause in your packaging while designing the boxes.

  • For instance, oriflamme is one of the famous cosmetic brands which is being established in almost 64 countries around the globe.
  • All packaging carries a social cause that they truly care for the environment and all packaging carries the tag of “Green Packaging”
  • However, it is the successful brand that becomes a great case study for your own brands.

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